Great 90+ Snow Photography Shoot & Pose Ideas

Yes, snow can destroy your camera and equipment, but nevertheless, it may also yield beautiful images. Snow is among those irresistible all-natural occurrences that make it difficult to stay inside and not delight in. White snow doesn’t will need to get a whole bunch of detail for your mind to understand its snow.

You must OVEREXPOSE for snow. The snow creates an ideal backdrop particularly if you introduce a dash of color. If it is blowing around in strong winds, though, you’ll need to use a much faster shutter speed. Snow can function as an excellent backdrop for this, but nevertheless, it has to be evenly lit and above all, WHITE. Snow should demonstrate a level of texture, to ensure it is realistic and help the viewer feel they can crunch through it using a pair of boots. If you attempt to knock out the blue altogether you may end up getting yellow snow that is even worse.

Snow can be slippery and there are lots of chances for getting accidentally wet whenever you’re out in the snow. Snow really isn’t the one thing that could reflect light. Falling snow is moving faster than you think and you have to use the proper shutter speed if you’d like to capture those stunning flakes as sharp white specks.


Beverly W. Hensley